Programming for powerlifting is difficult as everyone is unique, with different abilities to handle volume and intensity, different muscular imbalances to address, and different work life balance's to juggle. No program is ever truly bad, just less efficient. Arguably the best resource for programming is on the Powerlifting to Win website, specifically his Programming Review Series. He explains the fundamental principles of how we get stronger and how we build muscle through stimulation and adaption, moving on he reviews quite literally every major program ever written for powerlifting, and the series culminates in his meta creation: the Powerlifting To Win Programming eBook. This book is phenomenal for walking a novice or intermediate powerlifter through the sport. It introduces concepts such as accessory lifts, mobility, General Physical Preparedness, auto-regulation, and Rate of Percieved Exertion over time with plenty of information to explain the concepts thouroughly. It also comes with a spreadsheet that plans your workouts for you, including what weights and reps you need to use in order to warm-up effectively.