The following sections are intended to show the reader good sources of information, so they can better understand the sport of powerlifting and the many pillars that contribute to a good training regime.







Most competitions will determine the winner of a weight class by the total of the individual lifter. In certain cases, the Wilks score will be employed. The Wilks score allows one to compare lifters accross different weight classes and sexes. Instances where the Wilks score will be employed include: determining the winning team at the World's competition, allowing a tie-break to be decided if two lifters total the same amount, determining the best lifter in show, and determining the overall winner of the Oxford Vs. Cambridge Varsity match. The following Projected Wilks Calculator was therefore designed as a training tool. It will calculate your Wilks score given the inputs of your body weight [kg] and ones current lifts [kg]. It also has the ability to project ones maximums and hence project ones Wilks score based off of the number of reps one can lift with a specific weight.


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