The club prides itself on being friendly, open and encouraging of new members, regardless of previous experience. Don't be worried or intimidated because you're not the strongest in the club; we all remember our first steps, and we're all very happy to help anyone just starting out with training or answering questions. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask :)

Membership is £30 a year, and membership forms can be downloaded on the Forms page.

Benefits to being a club member include: 

  • Advice on:
    • Lifting technique,
    • Mobility and Flexibility,
    • Nutrition,
    • Programming, and
    • Supplements.
  • Free chalk and storage box.

  • The opportunity to represent Oxford in the Powerlifting Varsity and earn half- (340 Wilks points for the men, 300 Wilks points for the women) or full- (375 Wilks points for the men, 340 Wilks points for the women) blue colours.

  • Transport to competitions.

  • Lifting seminars (appropiate for beginner and intermediate level lifters).

  • Use of specialised equipment:
    • Eleiko competition bar for competitions and max-effort testings,
    • Chains, 
    • Fractional Plates,
    • Bench Blokz,
    • Deadlift Blocks,
    • Sling Shots, and
    • Strongman equipment.

  • Discounted physiotherapist appointments and sports massages.

  • Discounted supplements from Monster Supplements and MyProtein.

  • 20% Discount at Mission Burrito (King Edward's Street branch) on Wednesday and Sunday evenings upon demonstration of club stash.

  • Exclusive socials.

  • Club stash:

Please note that all members are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and remain in good standing with Oxford University.